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AskMaps offers you cheap air tickets to all the world. This reservations system will find best airfares for your destination in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia. This system will find special discounted airfares and low-cost airfares as well. We offer you cheap airfares to Asia, Africa, cheapest airfares to Europe, America and Australia. To get the best airfares please read our advices further on this page.

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How to get really cheap air tickets

1) AskMaps cooperates wit the biggest on-line air tickets dealer in Prague (Czech, member of European Union), Kralovna, which is very effectiv and therefore able to offer the best prices on the market. Due our agreement we are able to offer you good price. If you order fligh tickets using our form on this page you should get the best price available on the market.
2) You can get the cheapest airfare - just let the reservation system work freely for you. What does it mean? We recommend to fill in departure city and destination of your journey, number of people and days of your journey. And let the system to offer you the airline and class which has the best price. If you don't need to fly on an exact day, let the system to try to find best price around your days - at best +/- 7 days. Don't forget the cheapest air tickets are available when there is at least one saturday night between the days of departure and arrival.
3) You may choose any city in the world as our departure and target. Most air tickets may be delivered electronically, you can pick them up at the seller (in Prague) and at your departure airport (via PTA (Prepaid Ticket Advice) service for a small charge). You can pay via using standard credit or debit card, via wire transfer and in cash at the seller (in Prague). More information you will get during the reservation process.

We wish you a pleasant flight with our air tickets and great experiences on your journey.

This page is a part of the project AskMaps, which creates maps of big world cities. The maps cover important part of every city, important monuments and often also public transport, accommodations, restaurants etc.

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